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Need Christian rap music, then listen to Sho Baraka

Words like ‘edgy’ and ‘fresh,’ define Sho (born Amisho Baraka Lewis), but when he raps, the message is just so sublime and true.

He is an American Christian hip-hop artist and writer who has recorded both independently and as a founding member of the 116 Clique. He was originally signed to Reach Records until leaving in March 2011. He then co-founded a record label and group known as “High Society” with fellow Christian rappers J.R., Swoope, and Suzy Rock. His debut album Turn My Life Up was released in November 2007. His second album Lions and Liars, was released March 2010. His third album Talented Xth was released in January 2013. His fourth album, The Narrative, was released in October 2016.

One of his songs, Word (see below the chorus and verse one of the song) hits you in the face with the raw reality found in God’s Word – Bible.


I’ve been reading that Word

Living that Word

Digging that Word

Giving that Word

I’ve got that Word on my lips

The Word in my palm

The Word in my mind

Yeah, Word is bond


Verse One:

I’m up in The Word ain’t no fear in me heart/

Check with me squad, the only thing I fear is me God/

Me pride and me moms, I got freedom/

No death since the second Adam and that’s Word!/

Who these cats who now got nerve?/

I walk with boldness like revenge of the nerds/

Only ‘cuz the Memrah gave us the smikhah/

Now we get amped just to be his speakers/

The Word will return, ain’t no maybes or likely/

Fire in his eyes so don’t take it lightly/

Attest it ‘cuz he may run up your stairs/

This ain’t a game, He’s coming with a full marching band/

Blood robe flowing, angels’ trumpets blowing/

Ain’t no laughing matter but some heads are rolling/

These cats on the block they got swagger on the corner/

But Jesus came through and their swag got ran over./


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